8 Most In-Demand Ventures to Embark On in North Carolina in 2023

Are you looking to start a new business venture in North Carolina? With the state’s thriving economy and diverse industries, there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs to make their mark.

In this article, we will explore the eight most in-demand ventures to embark on in North Carolina in 2023.

First on our list is the technology industry, which has been rapidly growing in recent years. With major tech companies like IBM and Cisco Systems calling North Carolina home, there is no shortage of talent or resources in this field.

Additionally, the healthcare industry is another promising option as people continue to prioritize their health and wellness. The state boasts renowned medical centers such as Duke University Hospital and UNC Health Care, making it an ideal location for healthcare startups.

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Among the diverse range of opportunities in North Carolina’s thriving economy, one cannot overlook the potential of venturing into the best businesses to start in north carolina. These carefully selected ventures not only cater to the demands of 2023 but also highlight the state’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Other industries on our list include renewable energy, food and beverage, tourism, and more. So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, keep reading to discover where your next big opportunity may lie.

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Technology Industry

You’ll definitely want to get in on the tech industry action if you’re looking for a hot venture to embark on in North Carolina come 2023. The state is quickly becoming a hub for technological innovation, with major companies like IBM and SAS setting up operations here. This has created an ecosystem that fosters growth and development for startups and established businesses alike.

One area of particular interest within the tech industry is artificial intelligence applications. With its potential to revolutionize industries from healthcare to finance, AI represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. North Carolina’s deep pool of talent in fields like data science and machine learning makes it an ideal location for companies looking to enter this space.

Of course, as with any tech venture, cybersecurity measures are also critical. Companies need to ensure they are protecting their own data as well as that of their clients or customers. This creates another avenue for entrepreneurs – developing innovative cybersecurity solutions that can keep pace with evolving threats.

Overall, the technology industry in North Carolina is poised for explosive growth over the next few years – so don’t miss out!

When it comes to hot ventures in North Carolina, another area worth considering is the healthcare industry. With an aging population and growing demand for medical services, there is plenty of opportunity here as well.

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Healthcare Industry

If you’re interested in healthcare, there’s a lot of potential for growth and success in the industry. North Carolina is home to some of the best hospitals, medical schools, and research facilities in the country. With a growing population and an aging demographic, healthcare startups have a unique opportunity to leverage medical innovation in their businesses.

The healthcare industry constantly evolves with new technology advancements and innovative medical treatments. This creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop products that can transform patient outcomes. In North Carolina, there is a significant focus on developing personalized medicine solutions and improving access to healthcare services through telemedicine platforms.

With the rise of digital health companies, there is also an increased demand for professionals with expertise in both technology and healthcare industries. The intersection of these two fields creates exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in people’s lives while also building successful businesses.

As we move towards a sustainable future, renewable energy will play an increasingly important role in powering our communities. However, let’s explore another industry with vast potential – the agriculture sector.

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Renewable Energy Industry

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of a game-changing industry like renewable energy. With solar innovation and wind power advancement, the renewable energy industry is growing at an impressive rate in North Carolina. In fact, it’s predicted that this sector will continue to expand in the coming years, making it one of the most lucrative ventures for entrepreneurs to explore.

To give you an idea of just how promising the renewable energy industry is in North Carolina, take a look at these statistics:

Industry Segment Projected Growth Rate (2019-2024) Revenue Forecast
Solar Energy 14.5% $26 billion
Wind Energy 12.3% $33 billion
Hydropower Energy 6.8% $2.7 billion

These figures show that investing in renewable energy could prove to be a highly profitable move for any business owner looking to make waves in North Carolina’s economy.

As more and more consumers become environmentally conscious, demand for clean and sustainable energy sources is only going to increase over time. By getting involved in the renewable energy industry now, you’ll not only be contributing towards a cleaner future but also positioning yourself as a leader among your peers. So seize this opportunity while you can – there’s no telling what kind of rewards await those who do!

Transitioning into our next subtopic about food and beverage industry, let’s explore another exciting venture that promises significant growth potential for entrepreneurs in North Carolina.

Food and Beverage Industry

We’re excited to dive into the Food and Beverage industry, which is another booming sector in North Carolina.

Craft beer and distilleries have been gaining popularity over the years, with breweries popping up all over the state.

Additionally, farm-to-table restaurants are becoming increasingly prevalent as people become more conscious of where their food comes from.

Finally, specialty food products made by local artisans are also on the rise, showcasing North Carolina’s diverse culinary offerings.

Craft Beer and Distilleries

Craft beer and distilleries are exploding in popularity in North Carolina, making them a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the beverage industry.

Brewery trends have been on the rise across the state, with more than 300 breweries and brewpubs currently operating. This number is expected to continue growing as consumers seek out unique, locally-made craft beers.

In addition to craft beer, local spirits have also been gaining traction in North Carolina. The state has a rich history of moonshining and distilling, with many small-scale distilleries now popping up around the region.

Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this trend by creating their own small-batch spirits or partnering with existing distilleries to showcase their products in farm-to-table restaurants and other establishments.

With so much potential for growth in this industry, it’s no wonder that craft beer and distilleries are becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs in North Carolina.

As we move into discussing farm-to-table restaurants, it’s worth noting that these businesses often partner with local breweries and distilleries to offer customers a truly authentic dining experience.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants

Craft beer and distilleries have been a popular trend in North Carolina for the past few years. However, there is another burgeoning industry that is taking root in the state – farm-to-table restaurants. As consumers become more conscious about what they eat and where their food comes from, farm-to-table restaurants are gaining popularity across the country.

Sustainable agriculture practices play a key role in the success of these restaurants as they source their ingredients from local farms and suppliers. This not only supports small-scale farmers but also promotes environmentally conscious farming practices. Culinary education has also become an important aspect of this industry as chefs work closely with local farmers to create innovative dishes using seasonal produce. With North Carolina’s diverse agricultural landscape, farm-to-table restaurants offer a unique dining experience that highlights local flavors and supports the community.

Farm-To-Table Restaurants Benefits
Supports local small-scale farms Promotes sustainability
Showcases regional cuisine Encourages innovation
Cultivates community support Fosters education

As we move into 2023, it is clear that farm-to-table restaurants will continue to be one of the most in-demand ventures in North Carolina. The emphasis on sustainable agriculture and culinary education will only strengthen over time as people become more aware of where their food comes from and how it affects both their health and the environment. In our next section, we’ll take a closer look at specialty food products that are emerging as another lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs in North Carolina.

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Specialty Food Products

Indulging in the delectable and unique specialty food products of North Carolina is a must for any food lover looking to experience the state’s rich culinary culture. From locally-sourced jams, honeys, and cheeses to handcrafted chocolates and artisanal breads, there’s no shortage of delicious options available.

And what better way to sample these delights than by visiting one of the many farmers markets scattered throughout the state? Not only will you have access to an array of fresh, high-quality products, but you’ll also get to meet the passionate individuals behind them.

But it’s not just about satisfying your taste buds – specialty food products have become a driving force in North Carolina’s tourism industry. Culinary tourism has been on the rise in recent years as more travelers seek out authentic experiences that connect them with local cultures.

By supporting small-scale producers and exploring farmers markets, visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for North Carolina’s rich agricultural heritage while enjoying some truly incredible eats. As we move into discussing the tourism industry, it’s important to note how integral specialty food products are becoming in attracting visitors from around the world.

Tourism Industry

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to explore North Carolina, why not consider diving into the thriving tourism industry?

The state’s diverse landscape offers endless opportunities for eco-tourism and experiential tourism. From the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains to the sandy beaches of the Outer Banks, visitors can experience everything from hiking and camping to water sports and cultural activities.

According to recent data, North Carolina’s tourism industry is booming, generating over $25 billion in revenue in 2019 alone. The sector employs over 230,000 people across various industries including hospitality, transportation, and entertainment. This growth is expected to continue as more people discover all that the state has to offer.

To tap into this thriving market, entrepreneurs can start by identifying gaps in existing offerings or creating unique experiences that cater to specific target markets. Opportunities abound in areas such as adventure sports, wellness retreats, culinary tours showcasing local cuisine and farm-to-table dining experiences.

With its natural beauty and rich history, North Carolina is truly a goldmine for those seeking innovative ways to capitalize on the tourism industry.


In conclusion, North Carolina is a thriving state with a diverse range of industries that are expected to grow in the coming years. The technology industry is one of the most in-demand ventures, as it continues to innovate and create new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. With companies such as SAS and Red Hat calling North Carolina home, it’s no surprise that this industry is projected to see significant growth.

Additionally, the healthcare industry is essential to the state’s economy, providing jobs and high-quality care to residents. As our population ages and health concerns increase, there’ll be an even greater need for healthcare services in North Carolina.

Renewable energy also presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact on the environment while providing sustainable solutions.

The food and beverage industry is another sector that has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with many local restaurants gaining national recognition for their unique offerings.

Finally, tourism remains a vital part of North Carolina’s economy, with attractions such as the Blue Ridge Parkway drawing millions of visitors each year.

Overall, these five industries offer promising opportunities for those looking to start a business or invest in existing ones in North Carolina. By keeping up with current trends and anticipating future developments, entrepreneurs can position themselves for success in this exciting state filled with endless potential.

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